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Corrections Specific, Certified Complete


TechCare is a member of the National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO) Cloud Solutions Contract allowing for direct procurement of the TechCare EHR System for Corrections.

One Of A Kind

TechCare is a comprehensive EHR software system tailored specifically to the needs of correctional facilities.  With 3 decades in the industry, corrections is all we do.

Tailored to You

TechCare is tailored from top to bottom for each correctional system.  Your facility is not like any other, why should your EHR be?


Running the largest, most renowned correctional facilities in the country, exceeding NCCHC & ACA standards,  TechCare succeeds where others fail.

Product Options



Completely Customized w/o LimitsLive Classroom Training and On-site Go Live SupportComplete Migration of Medical Records, Clinically VerifiedUnlimited Integration with 3rd Party SystemsOn Prem or Hosted Cloud OptionsIn-House, 24/7/365 SupportMobile/Web Based Ready/Complete Off Line Functionality


What We Can Do For You


TechCare®’s Implementation Team has a detailed, proven process for adapting the software to fit your facility. From the basics of forms and protocols, to completely revamping the intake or sick call process, it’s our job to fit TechCare® to your facility’s distinctive needs. Each TechCare® deployment is as unique as the facility it supports.

TechCare Customizations


The process of moving to TechCare® from paper-based records or an existing EHR can be overwhelming. To alleviate this concern, we convert all information into TechCare® for you while your staff stays focused on patient care. Following conversion, our clinical team of pharmacists and registered nurses review the data to ensure complete and correct records.



Rather than assigning software developers to train your team, we send our clinical staff on-site to train, peer-to-peer. This approach, utilizing RNs, LPNs, and MDs, better equips staff for their primary responsibility of caring for patients while using TechCare® to be more efficient. Ultimately, users become more comfortable with the system faster and understand its correct usage as it relates to their particular job.

TechCare Training


The TechCare® system demands high performing infrastructure resources that are expertly managed with guaranteed reliability. As a bolt-on service we offer complete, turn-key hosted solutions which alleviate the management and cost of infrastructure resources for your organization. Our hosted solution is utilized by some of the largest correctional institutions in the county with up-time statistics measured in years.



We maintain an in-house, 24/7/365 IT Helpdesk team that only works with correctional facilities. If patient care is impacted or jobs are made any more difficult by underperforming IT resources, we are there to correct it. To ensure a strong and prompt response to issues, we guarantee a strict Service Level Agreement (SLA) with our response times averaging 15 minutes, no matter the time of day.

TechCare Support 24/7


Read what our clients and the industry is saying.

TechCare® has been chosen to manage healthcare services at some of the most renowned and complex correctional systems in the country. It’s a proven system.

“Implementation of an EHR for an operation of this size is extremely complex with several moving parts including clinical operations, information technology, and corrections. TechCare®’s project leadership team navigated this environment extremely well by drawing on their long history of implementations in this industry and their approach to training and on-the-ground, 24/7 go-live support was a major factor in successful implementation.


Our goal of 6 months from contract signing to Go-Live was met without delays. With over 30 years of personal experience with EHR systems in both the acute care and correctional settings I can unequivocally state this was one of the better, if not the best, experiences.”

Corrections Specific EHR System

Bill Wilson

Administrator, Riverside County Correctional Health Services - Riverside, CA / 4,200 ADP

“TechCare® provides a single, complete solution and covers all aspects of correctional medical and behavioral healthcare both “on” and “off-site”, and follows a truly fixed fee approach regardless of user/provider counts, patient population, or number of facilities. In addition, the fully automated off-line mode of TechCare® has allowed us to skip deployments of Wi-Fi throughout our facilities, saving us thousands of dollars.


Now up and running for almost two years, we have an excellent relationship with the TechCare® team, which includes on-site visits throughout the year and ongoing advancements in the system to serve our patient’s evolving needs. These examples of continued advancement and partnership at all levels and more are the reasons we will stay with TechCare®. NaphCare has been an exemplary partner and I highly recommend them and the TechCare® Electronic Health Record without any reservations.”

Corrections Specific EHR System

Helen Hanks

Commissioner, New Hampshire Department of Corrections / 3,100 ADP

“We were looking for a proven technology solution to manage our healthcare system and selected TechCare® from NaphCare. TechCare® manages every aspect of correctional healthcare via an efficient and intuitive program, including our unique behavioral health-specific medications; Substance Abuse Level of Care and our reporting functionality, allowing us to manage our population more efficiently. NaphCare truly understands the nuances of this unique niche.


Following deployment, we achieved ACA Accreditation in 2018. TechCare®’s ability to be fully functional offline allows us to skip costly WIFI deployment, and teamed with NaphCare’s Cloud Services, provides reliable, on-demand access to our EHR.


The implementation process demonstrated NaphCare’s commitment to our successful transition. Following three years of partnership, we fully appreciate what TechCare® and NaphCare offer. The NaphCare Team is a reliable, fair and responsive partner that I highly recommend without hesitation.”

Corrections Specific EHR System

Laura K. Williams, NCC

Chief Deputy Warden of HealthCare Services, Allegheny County Bureau of Corrections / 2,200 ADP

TechCare® proudly named…

Corrections Specific EHR System

Healthcare Tech Outlook Magazine


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Cost and Limitations

Naphcare, Inc., TechCare® v5.0, Certificate No., Certified 12/08/2019

This complete Ambulatory EHR is 2015 Edition compliant and has been certified by an ONC-ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services or guarantee the receipt of incentive payments.

Modules Tested: 170.315(a)(1‐5, 9-10, 12, 14); (b)(1, 6); (c)(1); (d)(1‐9); (g)(3‐9); (h)(1)

Clinical Quality Measures tested: 122v7; 127v7

Licensing, implementation and use of the functionality and content covered by this certified product-version requires ongoing and/or one-time fees for setup and maintenance/support and has contractual and technical limitations. Specifically, these capabilities and considerations are outlined here:


Interfaces (including Electronic Prescribing, Laboratory Tests/Values/Results, Image Results, Demographics, Transitions of Care, Consolidated CDA Creation, and Direct Messaging)

Relevant Certification Criteria: 170.315.a.1-3, 170.315.a.5, 170.315.b.1, 170.315.g.6, 170.315.h.1


Interface functionality allows for users of this software to seamlessly interact with outside systems which hold data related to a patient’s care.  Such interaction between the software system and outside data sources is automated with pre-established communication protocols and standards.

Interface development and ongoing use requires participation by at least two parties.

Costs or Fees

Base Licensing for this software system includes the implementation, maintenance, use, and support of Interfaces without additional charge.

However, other participants in the interface can charge fees for these activities.  The factors and structures that dictate these costs are determined by the other participants.

Contractual Limitations

No Contractual Limitations.

Technical or Practical Limitations

This software system’s technical and practical limitations are dictated by the abilities of other participants in the interface and have no such limitations otherwise.


Reference Content (including Clinical Decision Support )

Relevant Certification Criteria: 170.315.a.9


The software system inherently has the ability to provide clinical decision support resources.  While the technical ability exists, the content for these systems can be customer provided or may be provided from 3rd parties.

In the event the content is provided from 3rd parties, the integration of this content requires additional costs and has limitations.

Costs or Fees

Base Licensing for this software system includes the implementation, maintenance, use, and support of clinical decision support resources without additional charge.

However, content providers for these solutions can charge fees.  The factors and structures that dictate these costs are determined by the content providers.

Contractual Limitations

No Contractual Limitations.

Technical or Practical Limitations

This software system’s technical and practical limitations are dictated by the abilities of the content provider and have no such limitations otherwise.


Reference Content (Included with No Additional Costs)

Relevant Certification Criteria: 170.315.a.4, 6-8, 10, 11, 14; 170.315.b.6; 179.315.c.1; 170.315.d.1-9; 170.315.g.3-5, 7-9



Costs or Fees

No Additional Costs.

Contractual Limitations

No Contractual Limitations.

Technical or Practical Limitations

No Technical or Practical Limitations.

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