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Boxed Medications

Medications that are designated as Keep on Person – KOP are managed in several ways. At certain facilities, all KOP medications are kept in a lockbox, either in a waiting room in the medical building (most medications, no controlled narcotics), or in the dorm with the inmate under lock and key (e.g., insulin). Inmates must take their medications under the supervision of a Corrections Officer and a paper MAR is included in each lockbox with preprinted medications. For clinical team members responsible for delivering, auditing, or returning medications, you have the ability to document your steps through the eMAR within TechCare®.

From the Main Screen of TechCare®, select your patient. Once you have opened your patient’s chart, click EMAR. If you have already selected a patient from the Main Screen, their EMAR will populate, but you are still able to proceed in the same manner even if you did not select a patient.

The system displays the Medication Administration Record screen. Once you have located your patient, you can view all medications ordered for the patient. Those KOP medications kept in a lockbox appear on the MAR in bright yellow, as shown below.

Administering Boxed Medications

To administer or document on any of these KOP medications, follow the steps as outlined below. The medication grid displays the last 5 days of the medication administration.

  1. Select the checkbox for the medication you are adding/auditing/returning in the lockbox.
  2. Use the dropdown menu to select the Drug Administration Type; there are 3 you may be working with if you are responsible for managing medications in these boxes.
    • 12 – Box Delivered – Select this option to enter the quantity of the medication delivered to the lockbox for administration. When you document using this administration type, a Quantity field opens so you can enter the quantity delivered. Once you have entered the quantity and clicked OK, the system displays BD in the grid.
    • 13 – Box Audit – 3 times a week, clinical staff audits the KOP medications in the lockbox to ensure medication compliance. Select this option to record the medication count during the audit. The system opens a KOP Administration window where you can enter the quantity of medication remaining in the lockbox. Once you have documented the medication and clicked OK, the system displays BA in the grid.
    • 14 – Box Return – Clinical Staff will collect the paper MAR from the box with the preprinted medications and replace with a new card and medications. Clinicians use the card to order replacement medications from the pharmacy if required. Select this option to indicate you are replacing medications and adding a new card to the box. Once you have administered the medication, the system displays BR in the grid.
  3. Click the Administer Medications button at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Enter the Quantity in the Box Administration window.
  5. Click the OK button.

Editing an Administration

If you need to change the administration type or cancel an administration (within 24 hours) due to an error, you can click on the Administration History

To view the Administration History for the medication, click the Administration hyperlink.

The system displays the Administration History screen, where you can right click and select the Cancel Administration option to remove the administration of the medication. You must enter a reason for cancelling the administration.

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