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Historical Chart (TechCare Archive)

Pima County Sheriff’s Department was at the forefront of the Electronic Medical Records push. Few facilities in the Country have a larger repository of patient health data stored electronically, so it is important to a proactive course of care with TechCare® to facilitate users’ quick and efficient access that data in a meaningful way.

TechCare®’s Historical Chart feature gives instant access to all fully converted information available from the County’s legacy EHRs: CorEMR and Fusion.

Start by logging into TechCare® and finding a patient just like always. If the Historical Chart button remains gray, it means that no records are in the Archive for your patient*:

When If the Historical Chart button enables itself and changes color to Red, that is your indication that the Archive contains information that can benefit you and your patient:

Click Historical Chart and you will be immediately taken to PCSD’s TechCare® Archive instance, directly into this patient’s record. Note the change in location to ARCHIVE, the full Red Bannering of the Patient Ribbon and the button name change from Historical Chart to Current Chart:

The TechCare® Archive is Read Only and no actions can be taken from a patient care perspective. Scanned Images, encounter documents, MARs and more from the legacy EHRs, however, can provide invaluable insights into patients’ Medical, Behavioral and Dental Health from previous incarcerations.

Administratively there are two modules of TechCare® that are enabled in the Archive, but restricted by permissions:

  • Move Patient is enabled should the need arise to copy files from the Archive into Production
  • Print All is enabled should the need arise to continue to fulfill records requests, ROIs or similar following legacy EHR shutdown

See your supervisor should require such access in the Archive

When finished reviewing the Archive, simply click Current Chart to be taken back to the Production TechCare® instance:

Note-due to the timings surrounding TechCare®’s receipt of patients’ Name Numbers from the OMS interface, it is possible that a returning patient does have information in the archive under a different or inactive Name Number or Booking Number. If you suspect that is the case, simply manually switch to the TechCare® Archive by selecting it from the Location drop-down. From there, you can search for the patient manually, switching back to the Production instance when finished:

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